Welcome to the 7th issue of the 
Yacht Crew Club Magazine

We are happy and proud to welcome you to our seventh edition of this monthly global online magazine for people who work in the luxury yacht industry.

There are approximately 400 new people connecting to the Yacht Crew Club online community every 24 hours – truly amazing. Reading this magazine online, reading our newsletters, following our daily updated news blog, posting and commenting on our Facebook groups and pages around the world, watching our webTV show, listening to our webRadio channel and contacting us with all kinds of questions and requests for assistance around the world. We are not only seeing a high concentration of connected people in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and North America, but also from the rest of the world.

The great development in October will now be followed by more news in November and December. We are going to start our Yacht Parties in many more ports, and the other exciting news is the launch before Christmas of our very own “Yachtbook”… a Facebook-like function for all yachties to connect with each other. Yachtbook will be reachable both from our webpage and from our mobile app.

Now when the recovery after the storms hit the Caribbean and coast of the US started, we really hope that both locals and yachties as soon as possible, can get back to normal in this region. The yachting industry is an important income for this part of the world, so we hope investments start up again to somehow get life back to normal in these beautiful places. We believe our platforms can play a part in that recovery.

And as always, we manage to give all our followers super services and functions for free, since we have many small and large companies supporting us as sponsors and advertisers. A big thanks to all of them.

Welcome to another exciting issue of Yacht Crew Club Magazine and don´t forget to go to www.yachtcrewclub.com and sign up as member for free!

Best regards,
Peter Redrin – Founder & CEO
Clients & Clubs International SL


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