Essential Tips to Find Jobs on Yachts

Are you wondering about trying the yachting industry for yourself? Maybe it looks attractive as a potential career path. In any case, here you can find some useful tips that explain how to look for jobs on yachts.

Basic qualifications are necessary

Like anywhere else, people with more skills are appreciated the most. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t get in the industry. The very first step is to get basic qualifications that are necessary for jobs on board. For example, if you are willing to work as a stewardess, you need to have a valid STCW Certificate (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping).

It is same for deckhand jobs, you need to prove your Powerboat Level II course certificate. Moreover, a RYA Dayskipper certificate or VHF Radio Course are highly desirable. Nevertheless, the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certification can help to increase your chances in a job hunt.

For any type of marine industry courses, you sign up to, make sure they are MCA/RYA approved.

Appearance matters

We are living in a quite superficial world, so appearance and good manners matter. To make a good first impression you must look presentable whenever you are dockwalking, chitchatting in a ‘yachtie’ bar or having an interview at yacht crew agencies.

You have to take into consideration that the yacht’s guests are people with the highest levels of wealth and social status. And they expect to receive the best quality services from high quality yacht crew. If you were in their shoes, you would also await polite, discreet and flawless assistance on board.


Normally, almost all beginners had the honour to walk up and down super yacht docks with the CV in hand. This is the most reliable way to literally hunt for positions.

Experience shows that the most beneficial step is to talk with the captain. Funny enough, at the same time captains get easily irritated quite fast. Imagine, how many people like you might come and ask questions regarding the same matter. So, it is better to evaluate the situation rationally. If the captain seems busy, try to look for a crew member, politely ask if they are looking for new crew members. If the answer is negative, don’t get discouraged, and inquire if you can leave your resume.

Also, it is important to feel satisfied with this journey. Even though you might not see any instant outcome, it doesn’t mean that your efforts were helpless. Be patient. And remember, crew leave yachts all the time, even during the busy season and in the middle of charters. Just keep your contact data clear, visible and correct. Anyway, sometimes you need to walk several times in order to find your placement.


For a search of any kind of job, it is essential to meet new people. Attend yacht crew events, find their hanging out spots and try to make a friendly contact with them. However, social media is a very strong point to start. The Internet is full of sites where you can find like-minded people and find answers to your question. Don’t forget to register yourself in crew agencies in town and online. Also, check local crew houses and take a look at the notice board for any news on upcoming daywork or seasonal jobs.

Final point

Most of “yachties” started from the same point. The first experience is always the most difficult one. Afterwards it will be much easier to go further and evolve your yachting career. Understanding how the industry works will help you to direct yourself to the desirable career destination. But to be there you must work hard and be faithful to your determination during the very first stage of this journey.

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