Luxury Chandeliers on Yachts: from Impossible to Safe Reality

By Kristýna Brožová,
PR manager of Crystal Caviar company

The high quality of our product is first and foremost. Safe installation of chandeliers and crystal sculptures on board superyachts is the biggest testament to the quality of our products. We have always been successful at achieving both design and safe installation requirements regardless of the challenge.

We are specialists in the design, creation and safe installation of luxury Bohemian glass chandeliers and crystal sculptures on superyachts. Until today we have successfully completed more than 70 glass projects on yachts and are continuing to do so. Our work breaks the boundaries of what is possible to have on yachts and other moving objects such as airplanes or trains. Our glass products can withstand all ills of a marine environment, including constant movement, vibrations and also the salty sea air.

Prism ChandelierTitanium coated 3m long prism chandelier

How to design and build a chandelier for yacht?

After speaking with a client, one of our designers begins with an idea. We need to know the approximate size and style of interior where the chandelier will be installed. With this information, we produce a design concept of the chandelier and present it to the customer.  Our goal is to create a beautiful object that will also withstand conditions at sea, and of course be enjoyed by the owner.

ChandelierBlanket chandelier on board of M/Y Nerissa

Once the initial concept has been approved, we move on to agree on the exact size, glass and glass technology specifications of the chandelier. At Crystal Caviar we have more than 15,000 glass samples and have the knowledge of all possible glass technologies. Due to our experience with glass projects on yachts, we can create the most beautiful and also the most feasible and luxury chandelier concepts. Our flexibility to fulfill our clients’ wishes is almost endless.

Chandelier For YachtM/Y Ann G –  Staircase

After client approves the design and glass technology, the testing period begins. We test every part of the chandelier in weathering chambers, a special attention goes to those parts which are open to salty environments. Eventually, we test other parts and the assembled chandelier on vibration platforms to check for latent faults and tension in the glass to avoid rattling. If unexpected rattling occurs on the platform, we rectify it by a system of vibration dumpers, silent blocks, silicone beads or gluing the rattling parts.

Crystal Bubbles Chandelier
70m M/Y Talisman – 2011 –  Staircase crystal bubbles chandelier

Great attention to detail

An extremely important part of the process is the onboard installation. Even a beautifully designed and well produced chandelier, if not installed properly, can result in disaster when the final aesthetics and durability is wrong.

The chandelier can be installed by the outfitters, but very often Crystal Caviar provides the installation. Our skilled in-house team of the best workers make Crystal Caviar installations the best. Our team ensures that every part of the chandelier looks as it should and that installation is safe. Moreover, should something unexpected happen on board, our team can exchange the glass part or fix it on the spot. Crystal Caviar also provides power supply solutions and can facilitate the connection between the chandelier and yacht’s structure.

Crystal Prism Chandelier85M M/Y Solange – 2013 –  Crystal prism chandelier

Our main goal is to provide the best crystal beauty, which is hundred percent safe on boards of yachts. Thanks to our vast experience, carefulness and flexibility we have only had satisfied and happy clients.

Contact Crystal Caviar:
+420 733 627 422

Crystal Caviar

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