Follow your dream

Let’s begin with a story about two exhausted millennials who sold out everything they owned, quit their jobs just to sail around the world. Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh who are 26 and 24-year old decided to change they life completely and escape the routine. The couple bought a 49-year old sailboat and were planning to navigate the Caribbean. Additionally, the whole preparation cost them $10.000. Half of the money went to the vessel purchase and other half to the repair and maintenance.

As soon as they started making their dream come true, the very next day they had to stop the journey. The dream fell apart immediately when these newbie sailors “struck something in a tricky channel of water known as John’s Pass off of Madeira Beach, Florida, ripping the keel off the boat and sinking it.”

The couple managed to save some important documents and some clothes. Together with the boat, their dream went to the bottom of the ocean.

Reality strikes again. The couple had to remove the remains of the vessel which cost twice as much as the boat.

Sometimes inspiring advice can be misunderstood and even more, life threatening.

Some useful tips

Before deciding on fulfilling your life dream, it is important to note down some important advice.

First of all, your dreams should follow you. Not the other way around. However, an individual must lead it intentionally. For that matter, it is necessary to answer few questions to yourself.

  1. The analysis: Am I happy where I am? Can some adjustments make my situation and me happier? Can safe choices help pursue my dreams?
  2. An escape route: Am I running to something, not from something?
  3. Testing: Have you done enough strategic (scenario, financial, etc.) planning? Would you feel good if achieving smaller scale of your dream?
  4. The servitude maintains resilience: Is your dream being based of service to something bigger than yourself?

The intention of this article is not to discourage following one’s dream. It is all about making right choices, paying attention to rational advice. It is better to start a well-planned journey with no doubts, which last a lifetime.

Good luck, sailors!

After the Chinese celebrate their New year, let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding Chinese-built superyachts.


The 90.1 metre superyacht Nero has the charm and elegance of the previous century. It is an extraordinary sight on the water today. The inspiration for this yacht came from J.P. Morgan’s superyacht Corsair. In addition, its interior is also worth seeing – the walls are decorated with wood, the furniture and style give one sensation of the glamorous 1920’s. Not surprisingly, Nero won Best Motor Yacht over 75 metres at the 2009 ShowBoats International Design Awards.

Even though, it is a vintage-style cabin cruiser, it is modern as all contemporary superyachts. As such, it has a swimming pool, a few custom tenders, two VIP suites and two cabins.

Superyacht Nero
Superyacht Nero / Credit: Pixabay


The Cheoy Lee shipyard in China built superyacht Quig in 2010. However, the original name was Mazu/Matsu which means ‘mother ancestor’. It belongs to the Marco Polo Series. It is extravagant form the outside due to its eye-catching red hull and outstanding with its industry-leading marine engineering. Hence, it will make any yacht-lower smile. Ron Holland designed the exterior and the KCA International took care of her interior.

Superyacht Qing

Superyacht Qing / Credit: Boat International

King Baby 

Extravagant as her name, the superyacht King Baby is a 41 meter motor yacht built in 2015 by IAG Yachts. The hull is made from hand laid glass, and the upper structure contains a combination of resin infusion and carbon fibre. Therefore, the merit of design goes to Evan K. Marshall who created her exterior and interior. The designer paid a lot of attention to create her contemporary and luxurious style. For this reason, it has a very unique rock ‘n’ roll-type interior: “From Keith Richards’ doors to custom coffee tables to vintage hood ornaments, guitars used as art and other impressive decorative pieces, there is so much to behold.”

Superyacht King Baby
Superyacht King Baby / Credit: SuperYacht Times


Last but not least, is a three-hulled superyacht Adastra. The futuristic appearance creates a feeling that it is a space rather than water vessel. However, according to Boat International, the 42.5 metre yacht Adastra is ‘one of the world’s most amazing super yachts’, built in 2012 by McConaghy Boats. An eanglish team from Shuttleworth Design created her design. Adastra can reach a maximum speed of 22.5 knots.

Superyacht Adastra
Superyacht Adastra / Credit: Shuttleworth Design

In conclusion, as we can see, Chinese know how to make outstanding superyachts that leave a long-term impression.

IBZ Yacht Services are official agents on the island of Ibiza and Formentera, providing clients with professional service from start to finish. The company was built to satisfy all clients’ needs and requirements during their stay, using all the experience acquired throughout the years in managing yachts. An energetic team with a wealth of experience are there to cater to your every need, and who you can trust and rely on during your stay.

Luxury Services

“We offer a wide range of services to assist you during your stay.” Says Javier from IBZ Yacht Services. “These include: VIP tables at top restaurants and clubs, our own private chauffeur-driven cars, provisions, repairs, legal documents and other concierge services that the client may need. Also, we have great connections with all the marinas on the island (Marina Ibiza, Ibiza Magna and Sovren Marina). Our priority is to cover all that the client needs, even if it is a last minute request. Moreover, crew members are also clients for us and our reputation validates our brilliant services.”

Motor Yacht Charter Yachts

The company have a wide range of motor yachts to choose from which can be rented with or without a skipper. It would be the perfect way to relax and explore the beautiful islands through crystal clear waters. Nevertheless, you can hire a yacht for a day trip and explore Ibiza and Formentera at your own pace.

Motor Yacht Charter Yachts

Protecting the environment 

“Regarding the protection of the environment, we are aware of the beautiful place that we live in.” Says Javier. “That is why we inform our clients about ecological measures whilst sailing, and provide them with maps including all the protected areas.”

Unique local team 

“What makes us unique is that all the team is from Ibiza and we know every inch of this beautiful island. However, we have an amazing array of suppliers who deliver the highest standards to ensure we can take care of everything you require.”

Available 24 hours 7 days a week, we will take care of every detail to make sure your stay is unique. Contact us today to discover the Balearics with your Official Agent.

Phone: +34 655 626 068 | +34 695 888 287

Are you wondering about trying the yachting industry for yourself? Maybe it looks attractive as a potential career path. In any case, here you can find some useful tips that explain how to look for jobs on yachts.

Basic qualifications are necessary

Like anywhere else, people with more skills are appreciated the most. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t get in the industry. The very first step is to get basic qualifications that are necessary for jobs on board. For example, if you are willing to work as a stewardess, you need to have a valid STCW Certificate (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping).

It is same for deckhand jobs, you need to prove your Powerboat Level II course certificate. Moreover, a RYA Dayskipper certificate or VHF Radio Course are highly desirable. Nevertheless, the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certification can help to increase your chances in a job hunt.

For any type of marine industry courses, you sign up to, make sure they are MCA/RYA approved.

Appearance matters

We are living in a quite superficial world, so appearance and good manners matter. To make a good first impression you must look presentable whenever you are dockwalking, chitchatting in a ‘yachtie’ bar or having an interview at yacht crew agencies.

You have to take into consideration that the yacht’s guests are people with the highest levels of wealth and social status. And they expect to receive the best quality services from high quality yacht crew. If you were in their shoes, you would also await polite, discreet and flawless assistance on board.


Normally, almost all beginners had the honour to walk up and down super yacht docks with the CV in hand. This is the most reliable way to literally hunt for positions.

Experience shows that the most beneficial step is to talk with the captain. Funny enough, at the same time captains get easily irritated quite fast. Imagine, how many people like you might come and ask questions regarding the same matter. So, it is better to evaluate the situation rationally. If the captain seems busy, try to look for a crew member, politely ask if they are looking for new crew members. If the answer is negative, don’t get discouraged, and inquire if you can leave your resume.

Also, it is important to feel satisfied with this journey. Even though you might not see any instant outcome, it doesn’t mean that your efforts were helpless. Be patient. And remember, crew leave yachts all the time, even during the busy season and in the middle of charters. Just keep your contact data clear, visible and correct. Anyway, sometimes you need to walk several times in order to find your placement.


For a search of any kind of job, it is essential to meet new people. Attend yacht crew events, find their hanging out spots and try to make a friendly contact with them. However, social media is a very strong point to start. The Internet is full of sites where you can find like-minded people and find answers to your question. Don’t forget to register yourself in crew agencies in town and online. Also, check local crew houses and take a look at the notice board for any news on upcoming daywork or seasonal jobs.

Final point

Most of “yachties” started from the same point. The first experience is always the most difficult one. Afterwards it will be much easier to go further and evolve your yachting career. Understanding how the industry works will help you to direct yourself to the desirable career destination. But to be there you must work hard and be faithful to your determination during the very first stage of this journey.

The most sophisticated piece, which you can see at the show, is a 70 kg marine chronometer. This clock took one year to produce and it is the ‘must-see’ piece of the show.

Crystal Caviar will once again exhibit an exquisite selection of sea inspired crystal sculptures at the Dubai International Boat Show. You will see unique works of art at the Marine Art gallery. The novelty is, that this year will be the gallery officially supported by the ArtSiO gallery, the partner gallery of Crystal Caviar, which represents all exhibited artists. The biggest attraction of this year’s Marine art gallery will be without a doubt, the brand new gold marine chronometer made by the Mr. Jan Frydrych and Thomas Mercer company.

The gold chronometer

This gold chronometer is the third chronometer, which was made from a collaboration between the Mr. Jan Frydrych and Thomas Mercer company, and it is the last one from this unique series. The first two chronometers were presented at the Monaco Yacht Show last year. The gold chronometer is made from first class Bohemian optical glass, the time machine was supplied by Thomas Mercer. The glass body lights up the beauty and sophistication of the precision mechanism from every angle and the visual effects are constantly changing as the observer tours around the case. Except the collaboration with famous watchmaker companies, Mr. Frydrych has, as a collector of old watches, his own unique series of marine chronometers. The newest one – the royal blue chronometer – you can also see at Dubai International Boat Show.

Boat Show

Crystal Caviar will present another six artists, in addition to Mr. Frydrych. In the Marine Art gallery, you will see crystal sculptures from Mr. Vlastimil Beránek, his pupil Jaroslav Prošek and other international artists – yacht designer Tim Heywood and two UAE artists. We are proud to exhibit works from Dr. Najat Makki, the first Emirati woman to earn a PhD in arts, and present for the first time. Mr. Mattar bin Lahej, founder of Marsam Mattar, is also at the show.  He has the first art gallery in the United Arab Emirates to be managed by an artist.

Internal insights

„It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with such an artists as Mr. Beránek, Mr. Frydrych or Dr. Najat Makki truly are. They are holding the tradition of Bohemian crystal sculpture still alive. Without them it will be nothing new in this field in Czech Republic. That’s why is so important to present their work to the best clients on big exhibitions. And I am also glad, that we can presented also ArtSiO gallery for the first time. We founded this gallery to help artists and now I am feeling, that we actually do, if we are exhibiting at Dubai International Boat Show,“ says Marek Landa, owner of Crystal Caviar company and ArtSiO gallery.

Contact Crystal Caviar:
 +420 733 627 422
Crystal Caviar

Planning your Yacht Charter vacation is always a joyful experience. And the very first point on the list is to choose a destination.  What is your preference: white Caribbean sand beaches or maybe gently rippling transparent Mediterranean waters? In fact, no matter what inclinations you have, there are loads of exciting places to visit for any taste, and especially once you’re on board.


Credit: Flickr

Fiji is rich of islands to discover. However, a first-time traveller shouldn’t try to explore everything at once. Instead, it is more rational to choose a few specific, well recommended destinations that could help you introduce to a wealthy sea world, crystal-clear waters and amazing lagoons. Moreover, the unique landscape with coconut plantations, tropical rainforests and pleasant climate will make anyone feel like they are in heaven. Since tourism is the main source of income for Fiji, English is by far the most commonly spoken language there. Most importantly, any visitor can thoroughly enjoy the laid-back lifestyle.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday Islands
Credit: Pixabay

Whitsunday Islands contain 74 islands, which are located around the Great Barrier Reef. Water activities, together with toys and tenders for yachters help creating unforgettable experiences. Whitehaven beach is a must-visit place in Australia, which earned (remove ‘a’) recognition and reputation globally. As the name claims, indeed it is a paradise to discover and one will appreciate the heart-stopping views.

Sicily, Italy

Credit: Pixabay

Italy is always a good idea. Especially, if you are seeking for a pleasant Mediterranean climate and peaceful, historical environment. Sicily is famous for its fishing villages and has an ancient port in Palermo that is worth being explored. Astonishing Italian cuisine, the marvellous combination of nature and architecture, rich cultural lifestyle and, of course, southern culture make it irresistible vacation destination.


ThailandCredit: Ragnar Vorel/Unsplash

Thailand is one of the best places for sea lovers to spend their holiday. It sweetens anyone’s heart with its rich environment, clear water beaches, and prosperous marine life. For this reason, snorkelling and diving are extremely entertaining activities for those, who are going on a boat trip. The country’s archipelago provides different types of moods and feelings, but in general Thailand enhances ones inner quiet and fullness. Therefore, they call it “The Land of Smiles”.


GreeceCredit: Unsplash/ Stijn te Strake

Finally, the last but not least on this list is Greece. With more than 3,000 islands, Greece ranks itself as one of the most attractive destinations for a yacht charter vacation. And obviously there is no need to question why. The island names like Santorini, Mykonos or Crete have their international recognition. Historical monuments, deep cultural heritage, wonderful food and a pleasant Mediterranean climate is all you need for perfect holiday escape.

By Kristýna Brožová,
PR manager of Crystal Caviar company

The high quality of our product is first and foremost. Safe installation of chandeliers and crystal sculptures on board superyachts is the biggest testament to the quality of our products. We have always been successful at achieving both design and safe installation requirements regardless of the challenge.

We are specialists in the design, creation and safe installation of luxury Bohemian glass chandeliers and crystal sculptures on superyachts. Until today we have successfully completed more than 70 glass projects on yachts and are continuing to do so. Our work breaks the boundaries of what is possible to have on yachts and other moving objects such as airplanes or trains. Our glass products can withstand all ills of a marine environment, including constant movement, vibrations and also the salty sea air.

Prism ChandelierTitanium coated 3m long prism chandelier

How to design and build a chandelier for yacht?

After speaking with a client, one of our designers begins with an idea. We need to know the approximate size and style of interior where the chandelier will be installed. With this information, we produce a design concept of the chandelier and present it to the customer.  Our goal is to create a beautiful object that will also withstand conditions at sea, and of course be enjoyed by the owner.

ChandelierBlanket chandelier on board of M/Y Nerissa

Once the initial concept has been approved, we move on to agree on the exact size, glass and glass technology specifications of the chandelier. At Crystal Caviar we have more than 15,000 glass samples and have the knowledge of all possible glass technologies. Due to our experience with glass projects on yachts, we can create the most beautiful and also the most feasible and luxury chandelier concepts. Our flexibility to fulfill our clients’ wishes is almost endless.

Chandelier For YachtM/Y Ann G –  Staircase

After client approves the design and glass technology, the testing period begins. We test every part of the chandelier in weathering chambers, a special attention goes to those parts which are open to salty environments. Eventually, we test other parts and the assembled chandelier on vibration platforms to check for latent faults and tension in the glass to avoid rattling. If unexpected rattling occurs on the platform, we rectify it by a system of vibration dumpers, silent blocks, silicone beads or gluing the rattling parts.

Crystal Bubbles Chandelier
70m M/Y Talisman – 2011 –  Staircase crystal bubbles chandelier

Great attention to detail

An extremely important part of the process is the onboard installation. Even a beautifully designed and well produced chandelier, if not installed properly, can result in disaster when the final aesthetics and durability is wrong.

The chandelier can be installed by the outfitters, but very often Crystal Caviar provides the installation. Our skilled in-house team of the best workers make Crystal Caviar installations the best. Our team ensures that every part of the chandelier looks as it should and that installation is safe. Moreover, should something unexpected happen on board, our team can exchange the glass part or fix it on the spot. Crystal Caviar also provides power supply solutions and can facilitate the connection between the chandelier and yacht’s structure.

Crystal Prism Chandelier85M M/Y Solange – 2013 –  Crystal prism chandelier

Our main goal is to provide the best crystal beauty, which is hundred percent safe on boards of yachts. Thanks to our vast experience, carefulness and flexibility we have only had satisfied and happy clients.

Contact Crystal Caviar:
+420 733 627 422

Crystal Caviar

Turkish yacht builder Numarine presented a new 32-meter, 234 ton motor yacht called Marla. Boat International described it as the first ever explorer of the company.

Numarine’s executives believe that this project will help to expand  the Turkish shipyards’ services around the globe mainly because this project is not a standard one.  A simple user interface helps to operate this vessel without any assistance, which would be necessary otherwise. The yachts’s captain claims that it was extremely easy to get to know how to navigate it.  Moreover, it is very easy to learn how yacht’s systems works. For this reason, the captain runs the yacht alone, with no help from an engineer.

Simple User Interface

An exterior stands out too

Not only technical specifications worth to be revealed. The exterior looks very modern and unique. However, it has a bigger worth than only esthetical purpose. The shape is constructive to the internal volumes.  “We came up with a solution that was to flare the bow at an angle after the vertical, creating a knuckle form that emphasises the strong overall aesthetic and widens the interior cabin. This shape also helps with water flow in waves, making a drier running hull form.”

Can Yalman, Marla’s exterior designer, says that it was a trial to transform a new Numarine vessel into a more beefy, vigorous and sharper.

Exterior Design

The vessel handles noise and vibrations to the lowest amount. As such, its “cabin surroundings are disconnected from the ship structure.  And box-in-box construction is a unique feature for this size yacht”.

Overnight Passages

Superyacht Marla is very convenient for the night journeys, designers paid enough of attention to overnight passages. The lights together with this extraordinary shape easily helps to differentiate the vessel among others.

Modern Stylish Interior

The total capacity contains 3,550 square feet over decks. Missoni Home, B&B Italia and Tom Dixon took care of modern and stylish interior.

Superyacht Marla

The German shipyard, Abeking & Rasmussen, knows how to make astonishing yachts. And their 98-metre motor yacht Aviva is a living example. Moreover, regarding her size, it is the most extraordinary yacht in company’s history. One fact that is worth to be revealing, is that it is the 4th Aviva that belongs to the same owner, UK billionaire Joe Lewis, who wished he was able to play tennis on board.

A blue hull and chamfered elements bring attention to the exterior. But it is important to mention the invisible part of the vessel which distinguishes itself by innovative technical specifications and unique interior, conceptualised by Reymond Langton Design. The yacht owner’s love for tennis is clearly demonstrated by using an enormous space only for this leisure activity.

Superyacht AvivaCredit: Guillaume Plisson

Line judge

The tennis court uses an area of 20 metres x 10 metres x 6.65 metres. According to Reymond Langton Design, it brakes a record of this kind of size: “It is not only a lifestyle change for the owner but also the crew as this is also the largest gym of any yacht.”

Tennis Court Credit: Guillaume Plisson

The design team explained that most challenging part of this project was to arrange the tennis court in a very specific way that does not create any negative influence on other spaces and also maintains the quality of the court.

On Board GymCredit: Guillaume Plisson

Superyacht Aviva looks remarkable and luxurious both inside and out. The Eco-friendly drive system is one of the strongest points of the yacht.  It uses less petrol to reach vessel’s maximum speed.

For its contemporary design and on-board tennis court, Aviva won Boat International’s 2018 award in the category of Design & Innovation.

Luxurious Vessel Credit: Guillaume Plisson

Indeed, it is an extremely luxurious vessel that exceeds limits and imagination. Let’s see what we can expect for Aviva number 5 if it comes.

Yacht Crew Club

Basic information about Stabia Main Port

Opened in the summer of 2017, Stabia Main Port quickly became a popular location to dock the yacht and enjoy all the pleasures of Castellammare di Stabia in Naples, Italy. Stabia Main Port is 270 m length and has all necessary functionalities that all modern ports provide like mooring lines, wi-fi, duty free and duty paid fuels, security, etc. Not surprisingly, a few famous superyachts like the 78-metre superyacht Montkaj, the 95-metre Indian Empress and the 80-metre yacht Stargate already explored Stabia Main Port and it became a long-term stay for some of them.

Future perspectives

One of the main purposes of Stabia Main Port is to promote a city of Castellammare, which has a lot of potential itself. Moreover, Naples expects it to grow and expand on a much bigger scale, reaching the standards of Montecarlo.

The best of Castellammare Di Stabia

Castellammare di Stabia can suggest a wide range of high quality dining and nightlife spots. For leisure time activities, city’s guests can take a delight in cinemas, tennis courts, spa facilities. Nature lovers can enjoy sun at well-known, stoned beaches that are closely located to the port. The city has a smartly developed infrastructure, so communication with other regions and cities is quite convenient. Nevertheless, Castellammare di Stabia has a railway station that makes traveling easy and fascinating. The sight is breathtaking, both from the land and water. Visitors can feel the local culture and history by visiting some of famous vilas like Scavi di Stabia, Castello Medioevale, Lungomare di Castellammare di Stabia or Villa Arianna.

Worth to try

As we can see by this short resume of Stabia Main Port and its city of Castellammare, it is obviously an excellent place spend a holiday on a yacht. As such, don’t  experience all accessible pleasures in the region and see the great potential of the upcoming future.

Just don’t forget to enjoy a real gelato, it is mandatory once you are there!

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