Artificial Intelligence In The Yachting Industry

Perspectives on artificial intelligence in the yachting industry

In today’s world, almost all vehicles are based on and controlled by computer software. The yachting industry isn’t an exception. Now, it feels weird even to remember that marina diesel ...
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The Beauty We Damage

The Beauty We Damage

The marine ecosystem is a fragile environment and constantly is vulnerable to human activities. One of the main problems that cause and increase pollution in general are recreational marine activities ...
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Singapore Yachting Industry Growth

Singapore Yachting Industry Growth

Experts foresee positive perspectives for the Asian yachting industry. It is continuing consistently from the last years. So, not surprisingly, at the current Singapore Yachting Show visitors could note a ...
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Luxurious Faux Silk

Luxurious Faux Silk Carpets – Enhanced Brilliance

Steve Farrell, founder and CEO of SYLKA, started his career in the world of carpets at the age of 13 when he worked at a carpet fitting company. He then went on to establish ...
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Specialised Services For Yachts

Luxury and Specialised Services for Yachts

Picture this. You’re aboard a yacht on the other side of the world, when suddenly you break a glass. You panic as you need to have it replaced before the ...
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Narrowing The Gender Gap

These Women are Narrowing the Gender Gap

Yachting and sailing usually are understood as boys’ matters. All associations from design & boat building to pleasant time on board cover the male gender. But stereotypes change or die, ...
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How Did The Cruise Industry Reach Its Prosperity

How did the Cruise Industry Reach its Prosperity?

If you still think that cruise holidays are only for seniors, you are wrong. In comparison with the old-fashioned style, nowadays cruise ships remind us of floating cities with high-quality ...
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Living Space Decor On Board

Living Space Décor on Board

A yacht is not only for entertainment. It is more like a summer residency or a house on the water where the owners seek for comfort and relaxation. Furniture and ...
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