Investing in the US using US Trusts & US Corporations

If you’re interested in investing in the US or want to use US trusts or corporate entities for investment purposes, please read on to find out more.

“Clients come to us for our legal and tax expertise related to US trusts and US corporations” states Ed Rogers, the CEO of US Trust Advisory Services LLC (UTAS). “We advise on how to structure investments, in accordance with current tax compliance rules, and we also assist our clients to choose the best investment and asset managers that ensure investment growth. It is important to ensure that your investments are tax compliant, as there can be severe financial penalties, and even criminal consequences, if you get it wrong.”

Assisting non-US persons to invest into the US

UTAS was founded by a company called Offshore Consulting Services Limited (OCSL), in 2016. It was founded for the specific purpose of assisting non-US persons to invest into the US, or through the US, by using US trusts and corporate entities. OCSL has a 20 year+ wealth planning track record, as its own founder and CEO is Ed Rogers, a British citizen, with vast financial services experience. He has held senior level positions with trustee and corporate service companies, in 16 jurisdictions, during a 30-year career.

US tax and visa issues

UTAS was formed to “ring fence” US trust and tax advisory services from OCSL’s usual international wealth planning business, as we offer advice to non-US persons, on US tax and visa issues. UTAS advises on “immigration by investment” programs and also the reporting and tax issues for non-US resident “green card” holders. We also deliver legal and tax advice related to US trusts and US corporations, plus we can assist in establishing US (and non-US bank) and investment accounts, for US trusts and corporations. We also furnish advice on how to comply with FATCA, and CRS, reporting requirements because of establishing such accounts.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information.

Contact US Trust Advisory Services:
Phone: +1 954 442 7861
US Trust Advisory

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