Places that are being destroyed by tourism

People are curious about the world. This curiosity encourages the exploration of this beautiful planet to discover beyond the boundaries of our own country. Not surprisingly, tourism is the most rapidly developing industry, with over 1.1 billion people traveling annually all around the globe. With all the benefits as employment, economic growth, etc., tourism also […]

Investing in the US using US Trusts & US Corporations

If you’re interested in investing in the US or want to use US trusts or corporate entities for investment purposes, please read on to find out more. “Clients come to us for our legal and tax expertise related to US trusts and US corporations” states Ed Rogers, the CEO of US Trust Advisory Services LLC (UTAS). “We advise on how to structure investments, […]

Indonesian Yacht Safari

When we hear a word “safari” our imagination goes to Africa normally, fantasizing about big jeeps, and even much bigger wild animals like elephants or giraffes, dangerous lions and graceful antelopes. A standard African adventure. But what if it is possible to replace a dusty jeep with a luxurious yacht instead; the uneven earth with […]

An old mess in Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an enormous artificial body of water in North America, USA. Each year it receives around 3 million of visitors who usually tend to enjoy Jet Skis, motorboats and extend their stay in luxurious houseboats. It probably  sounds great from the position of a guest but what’s about the locals? To the people […]

Superyacht delights: 128 superyacht Vijonara

After successful sea trials, the British shipyard Pendennis delivered the superyacht Vijonara to its owners. Technical side The 39.4 metre sailing superyacht belongs to the Truly Classic 128 series, designed by Hoek Design. Andre Hoek shares some insights about the vessel: ”During all 18 months of construction, this project was an extremely fascinating experience for […]