Why Millenials Prefer to Charter Superyachts?

By: Maria Korotaeva | Charter World The super yachting industry is booming, shipbuilders and yacht designers are clapping watching a demand for luxury yachts rising. However, the traditional business model of the world’s superyacht manufacturers is expected to undergo some major changes. The young generation of super-wealthy people differs from their parents when it comes to […]

Welcome to the 11th issue of 
Yacht Crew Club Magazine

We are happy and proud to welcome you to our eleventh edition of the global online magazine for people who work or are interested in the luxury yacht industry. In fact, it is for anyone who likes spending their time on the water. Our community is pleased with our digital magazine. They also enjoy reading […]

Indonesian Yacht Safari

When we hear a word “safari” our imagination goes to Africa normally, fantasizing about big jeeps, and even much bigger wild animals like elephants or giraffes, dangerous lions and graceful antelopes. A standard African adventure. But what if it is possible to replace a dusty jeep with a luxurious yacht instead; the uneven earth with […]

An old mess in Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an enormous artificial body of water in North America, USA. Each year it receives around 3 million of visitors who usually tend to enjoy Jet Skis, motorboats and extend their stay in luxurious houseboats. It probably  sounds great from the position of a guest but what’s about the locals? To the people […]

Crew in safe hands

International yacht crew agency TWW Crew is a new name on the market, yet with Sally Finbow at its head offers some 30 years of experience in placement of candidates across all levels. For professional crew recruitment, TWW Crew, part of Thompson, Westwood & White Yachts (TWW Yachts) is no doubt a safe pair of […]